Before we can embroidery your logo onto your garments, we need to get the logo into a format our embroidery machine software will recognise (we use .EMB files).

For this, we need to get a copy of your logo and get it digitised into the correct format.

This needs to happen for each logo you have.

Once we’ve digitised your logo, we run a sample for your (and our) approval to ensure that the logo stitches out well.

Some things to note with embroidery:

  1. As text is made smaller it becomes less eligible, especially on thicker garments like beanies.
  2. Colours can be changed when it comes to embroidery. For eg, you could switch text between white and black on different garment colours.
  3. There are no minimums. 
  4. The .EMB file becomes yours in case you need to get embroidery work done elsewhere at any stage.

Step 1 – give us your details and upload your logo

(contact form)

Step 2 – order / pay for logo setup service

(click on logo option – front, back)

Step 3 – we’ll run a sample on some old fabric for your approval

Done. You’re ready to get your garments embroidered with us at any time.